Public Accountant or Mom…here, you get to be both!

Thousand CPA

There is a reason we went into public accounting. Solving problems for people and businesses make us tick. There is nothing more gratifying to a public accountant than being able to give people peace of mind and help them achieve their financial goals. 

Unfortunately, there is an old stigma attached to this noble profession that we are committed to crush. The stigma goes something like this…

Give up your family, friends, and life outside of work for 3 to 4 months of the year during that beloved time we call tax season. It used to be a badge of honor. Old school accountants talking about how many hours they worked during tax season. Not the most conducive environment for moms to build a career.

Meet Thousand CPA. Founded by a mom, Nicole Thousand, who is committed to a balanced lifestyle- even during tax season.

You can’t ‘have it all.’ Or, can you?

Have you ever been told you ‘can’t have it all?’ Or, that your family has to come second, especially during tax season? 

Colleen Mrazik has. A mom of 9 children and a Manager at Thousand CPA, “I had a boss earlier in my career that told me I couldn’t have it all. Watch me. That motivated me. Women can have it all- you have to work for the right firm! My family comes first, and my firm knows and supports that.”

It’s a culture thing.

As Founder, Nicole Thousand, states in her article, The Importance of Culture in Public Accounting, “Values are not aspirations. They are who you are when you’re at your natural best. We want our team to always be at their best and to enjoy what they are doing to help our clients achieve their financial goals.”

Simply put, when you love what you do and you have the freedom to be present for your family or interests outside of work, your productivity and commitment are going to be at their highest.

What makes a good culture?

  • Some basic perks. Thousand CPA has a full gym in the office built for employees to use anytime they want, a 1 month paid sabbatical with a vacation bonus after 5 years of service, a fancy espresso machine that makes gourmet coffee drinks in the office, and general flexibility between working in the office or at home.
  • Everyone matters. Work smart and play hard, always!
  • Build leaders. Identify the career (and personal) goals for every team member, and build plans to help them get there.
  • Support your cause. Give team members the support and time to give back.
  • Technology is important. And it’s also a minimal expectation. Invest in the technology to automate as much as possible. Use technology that will give your team confidence and the ability to do their jobs efficiently.

A Thousand lifestyle

As Senior Accountant Wendy Danneman put it, “I love working for a successful female entrepreneur. She is a mom, too- she gets priorities! Flexibility is table stakes for me.”

John Kiely, Client Services Representative, loves that he gets to watch how his work benefit both the company and his clients as he helps them achieve their goals. “Whether it’s helping people send kids to college, retire, or maximize 401K plans, everyone gets to share in the gains of growth.”

As a firm that is growing quickly, we are looking for team members who thrive in the type of culture we protect and hold dear. Team members who want to find joy in their work as well as their life outside of work. Team members who want a professional family who will help them achieve their goals. And team members who want to be the best public accountants they can be. If this is you, we want to meet you. Email us at today.