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Our team’s passion is helping our clients navigate the path to achieving their financial goals. We are experts in accounting, tax, and financial strategy so that you don’t have to be.

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The stakes are high. Without a strategic accounting and financial partner, business owners risk...

Our clients enjoy a unique partnership experience with us. We communicate and meet regularly. We educate. And, then we make it happen.


We’re here to talk through business decisions that can have tax and financial implications.


You didn’t open a business to become an accountant. We’ll help you understand the accounting and financial side of your business in plain English.


You focus on your business while we focus on your financial statements, cash flow, tax liability, and keeping you on track to achieve your goals.

We get how hard it is to grow a business let alone taking the time to understand the accounting and financial side of running that business. You became a professional in your industry to serve your clients with your expertise. We became professionals in our industry so that you don’t have to be experts in accounting and finance. You do your business. We’ll do your accounting and financial planning.

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Communication, education, and accountability are at the heart of our partnership with you. Let’s get started.

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How we help thousands minimize their tax liability and elevate their financial position.

We believe business owners should not be held back because they aren’t CPAs or financial professionals. We understand that you didn’t open your business to create a tax strategy or interpret financial statements. That’s why we promote frequent communication without our clients worrying about being billed for phone calls and emails. We educate you on key indicators for your business, work with you to build strategies for growth, and then we simply make it happen. You won’t leave a meeting with us feeling confused or wondering what to do next. 


At Thousand CPA Services, we understand that you want to minimize your tax liability and have a proactive game plan that will elevate your financial position and stabilize cash flow. In order to navigate the confusing world of taxes and create a financial strategy that gets results for you and your business, you need a professional partner who can get you there. Tax law is complex, vast, and ever-changing, and creating a tax and financial strategy that gets the results you expect for your business or your personal wealth is something most people dread. Managing and planning for taxes as well as understanding key financial indicators and how they can impact your tax liability and financial position can be daunting and overwhelming. 


Here’s how it works. Schedule a meeting by clicking here. We will provide a complimentary consultation to create a plan for your business. We educate you. Together, we make it happen. You get results.